We would sit in a circle and one person would stand in the middle, say his name and close his eyes. The rest of us listened to the silence and little by little we began to sing, to emit sounds, notes, melodies, whistles that evolved freely and spontaneously through different paths depending on the person in the center. The music grew and grew in intensity and complexity. The voices merged and transformed into gigantic waves of sound that we collectively generated with no other baton than pure intuition, waves that tear us away. tears and that erased any trace of individuality; it was as if we all became sound channels and gave the person in the center the music that in that place and at that moment was the most appropriate for her. of the unrepeatable combination of individuals that destiny wanted to bring together those days, a music that can never be written, nor even described. “

Sound circles are as simple as they are powerful. We sit in a circle and one person stands in the middle. The rest of us take a few seconds to connect with silence and as we feel it, we allow the sound to emerge. Freely, unpretentious, with attentive listening, we let our voices fly free and give music to the person in the middle. We do not know how it works or where the melodies, harmonies and soundscapes that we co-create together come from, but over the years we have seen, time and again, the beauty and power of sound circles.

For the first time we make the proposal to make a regular group of sound circles, a group that will meet once a month to sing. This will give us the opportunity to do a group and individual process and to go deeper into this format of free singing in a group. As a complement to the circles themselves, we will also dedicate a part of each session to developing internal and external listening through different exercises (vocal Tonning, static agreements, interval tuning, …)

These meetings will be held once a month in Barcelona. They will be the last Saturday of each month in the afternoon. If you are interested, please contact us at info@muom.net and we will give you more details.


Escola institut Eixample
Calle Valencia, 252
08007 Barcelona

One Saturday per month from 4pm to 7pm
2022 sessions: 15/01, 05/02, 26/02, 19/03, 09/04, 30/04, 21/05, 11/06, 02/07.


20€ 1 session
100€ 5 sessions