E S P E C T A C U L A R !!!. You have to live it !!!!. Sandra’s addition in the end made it all the more wonderful. To repeat, no doubt.
(Toni, 26/10/2020)


It was my first MuOM concert and I thought it conveyed very good feelings, spectacular harmonics.
(Isabel, 26/10/2020)


Again fascinated by the sensations aroused by the voices of MuOM, delighted to have been able to enjoy them again and looking forward to hearing them again. Congratulations.
(Marta, 26.10.2020)

Spectacular, a bath of sensations

We loved the MuOM concert. It is a bath of sensations that has exceeded my expectations. Anyone who likes to hear music will love it. Spectacular!
(Man Bel, 27/09/2020)

Harmony for the spirit

As on other occasions, it does not leave you indifferent, the harmonic voices provide you with a state of inner peace and silence that make you focus your attention on this moment, so necessary in these times
(Goretti, 28/09/2020)

Sounds of the soul

MuOM’s harmonic voices leave a mark of peace and serenity on the soul.
(Rosa, 26/10/2020)