Atmosphere MuOM

The second installment of this year’s festival came from the diphonic singing group Muom, made up of 8 singers from different backgrounds and with the common goal of an exploration vocal that takes them to a terrain that goes far beyond the technique of harmonic singing and becomes also a spiritual and choral communion experience. In his own words “one Muom’s concert is a sound experience for all audiences, connected with vibration and silence…”

Harmonic singing or diphonic singing is a technique that comes from Central Asia and the steppes Eurasian which consists of modulating the voice so that two sounds sound at the same time. It is about put to use the so-called “false vocal cords” and emit the fundamental sound and at the same time some of the harmonics that accompany it and that with the classical technique we do not perceive. A technique that requires specific study and training and that the Muom vocal group has been exploring (and also disseminating with training workshops) since 2008, where we find its beginning.

Their music is a music of their own creation, minimalist and avant-garde, without words, based in vocal fusion, which invites inner recollection and an experience, rather than sound, sensory and perhaps also extrasensory (depending on the degree of immersion of each). In Líthica, Muom found the perfect space to enter into communion with the elements and offer his naked music, which occupied the whole area of ​​the great sandstone quarry in some evolution stages that led them to fill every corner with sound, providing a sound experience kaleidoscopic and enveloping the audience that filled the permitted capacity. A magical place for a very special concert.

Unified men in an oriental cut dress (a pity that the female sector does not would unify aesthetically with them…), already the first image of the singers transports one collection and places the event in a different dimension. Personally, I was evoked by the monks sculpted by Laetita Lara and suddenly it was as if those closed wooden sculptures would have moved…

The great vocal quality and musical training of each and every one of them is evident from the beginning members of the group, as theirs is a musical proposal of great difficulty, which calls for a deep knowledge of the vocal instrument, mastery of tuning and harmony, control scrupulous breathing (by the length of the continuous sounds emitted), and great communion among all of them, the result, without a doubt, of many hours of joint work. For the occasion, they counted with the singer and former member of the group, Cumie. The punctual sound of Farran’s violin is also delicious Sylvan James. An impressive and impactful work that the public widely recognized and that MuOM corresponded with a participatory chant that united all present in one same vibration, also accompanied from the audience by the sound of the sea that was born from the hand of  Kaori and the oriental instrument he brought. An atmospheric concert, which began accompanied by the singing of birds and pigeons and closed with the singing of crickets, and a massage for the spirit in times as turbulent as those we live in.

Maria Camps
17 juliol 2020