AMARA VALLEY (Porqueres, Girona)

From 29 July to 1 August 2021


Connect with the power and beauty of your voice and explore its potential through overtone and choral singing in a natural setting and a relaxed, communal atmosphere.

Whether you have previous experience in overtone singing or not, we will accompany you from wherever you are.


In this retreat we focus on overtone singing and its choral application as a central axis. Beyond learning the overtone singing technique and rehearsing our own choral repertoire, we also offer spaces to become aware of breathing, the body and its resonance in singing, spaces to deepen musical listening and improvisation, spaces to connect with our intuition through the voice and the body, among others.

In addition, every night there will be a special concert and Jam space to share with each other through music (you can bring your instrument).


  • The objective of the retreat is both to initiate and to deepen in overtone singing.
  • To learn one’s own choral overtone singing repertoire.
  • To enjoy the beauty and power of group singing.
  • Acquire tools for improvisation and musical listening.
  • To perform a sample on the last day of the repertoire learned.


  • Facilitates the state of presence.
  • Helps to unleash your creativity.
  • Elicits a sense of belonging and community.
  • Is a vehicle for deep emotional expression.
  • Facilitates muscle relaxation.
  • Allows free exploration of one’s own voice.
  • Facilitates cathartic states and psychocorporal release.


  • Helps to develop a deep understanding of your vocal apparatus.
  • It allows you to explore new possibilities of your voice.
  • It can function as a tool for personal transformation, facilitating self-knowledge and the experience of altered states of consciousness in a safe way.
  • The high vibrations of the harmonics provoke an internal massage in certain areas of the body. 
  • It allows to enter more easily into states of calm and facilitates meditation.
  • In a group it allows a deeper connection and a sense of communion.

Anna-Maria Hefele, one of the most recognized Western harmonica singers today says about the benefits of singing harmonics that: “it makes you more aware of vocal colors and can develop your vocal cord closure. It also helps to expand the range of higher notes.“

The German composer Karlheinz Stockhausen, who created the first overtone choral piece Stimmung in 1969 (you have more information in our article about overtone singing choirs: History and present) commented that the overtone singing technique was worth learning because it allows to become absolutely aware of the different parts of the skull that are vibrating. He also said that the singers of this piece, who performed it more than 100 times, had had a significant change as human beings


  • Vocal and overtone singing technique
  • Voice circles
  • Improvisations and choral dynamics
  • Dynamics through free movement and voice
  • Ecstatic dance
  • Silent intervals
  • Yoga
  • Concerts
  • Jams
  • Swimming pool


Moisés Pérez
(voice-bass and guttural voices)

He has received classes in Naad Ioga with Surinder Singh, dhrupad chanting with Shri Prashant Kumar Mallick, and harmonic chanting with David Hykes (creator of the concept and the first harmonic chanting choir). In 2008 he attended the International Symposium of khoomei, held in the Republic of Tuva (Siberia, Russia; playing with Mongolia), where he learned with several masters various techniques of guttural and diphonic singing typical of Central Asia. In 2013, he participated in the competition of the VI International Symposium of khoomei, being the first Spaniard to do so.

Joaquín Manjón

His professional goals range from technical translation to experimental music with the voice, having accumulated different trainings in the areas of naturopathy and DFA. She started overtone singing in 2001, after reading a book about the voice, overtones, and after listening to Tibetan lamas and David Hykes. He has been leading three regular overtone singing groups for several years, which have resulted in the formation of the overtone singing and improvisation group Unísono, a music and social integration group at the Ràdio Nikòsia Association and gives private lessons in overtone singing. He is co-founder of MuOM.


David Sitges
(voice-tenor and percussion)

Musician and music therapist, graduated in philosophy, and currently studying Astrology at the Casa XI school. He is part of the Basket Beat association, and directs the Big Band Basket Beat Barcelona orchestra, whose last show was premiered at the Mercat de les Flors in Barcelona in March 2018. He plays regularly accompanying different Kirtan artists such as Jai Uttal, Kevin James, Joan Condal and Brenda McMorrow among others. He composes his own music (Mística Barroca, self-released 2017), and is currently working on his next project, He plays in the duo Spirit Bird, alongside Farran Sylvan James.


Roger Sans
(voice-bass )

Pianist graduated from the Guildhall School in London, specializing in classical and contemporary music. Artist and educator interested in the transdisciplinary approach to the performing arts and educational processes through them. He is part of the team of educators of the Basketbeat association accompanying groups regularly, and develops various artistic projects focused on the social and educational field: the Basketbeat Orchestra, the MuOM choir, the JamFolk and the Playfulness experience, among others.

Silvia (Yoga)


The retreat will take place at Amara Valley, a magical retreat center surrounded by oak forest. A fully equipped complex with yoga room, workshop space, meditation room, swimming pool, sauna, dining room, professional kitchen and spacious rooms. It is possible to have a more beautiful vision of the world than our hearts know.

Rural house: Forest, mountain, swimming pool.

Shared and single rooms (between 2-4 persons)

Vegetarian option and allergy option.


Amara Valley Eco Retreat

Masía Can Coll
Paratge Pujarnol, s/n
17834 Porqueres, Girona

◊ 4 days, 3 nights.
◊ Arrival time: 17h
◊ Departure time: 17h

LEVEL OF SINGING: Not required
FORMAT: Training, workshops
LANGUAGE: Spanish, Catalan, English

General price
Course fee until June 15: 250 €.
Course fee from June 16 onwards: 300 €.

Full board accommodation:

Camping (tent or van) – 25 beds: 135 €.

TOTAL course + accommodation:
385€ until June 15
435€ from June 16th onwards

Shared room (4 people) – 16 beds: 165€.

TOTAL course + accommodation:
415€ until June 15
465€ from June 16th onwards

Shared room (2 persons) – max 8 beds : 181€.

TOTAL course + accommodation:
431€ until June 15
481€ from June 16th onwards

Single room – max 4 persons: 244€.

TOTAL course + accommodation
494 € until June 15
544 € from June 16 onwards

Suite cabin (1 couple) – sleeps 2: 231 € (per person)

TOTAL course + accommodation
481 (per person) until June 15
531 (per person) from June 16 onwards

Deluxe suite (1 couple) – sleeps 2: 248€ (per person)

TOTAL course + accommodation
498 € (per person) until June 15
548 € (per person) from June 16 onwards



Pay by bank transfer 250 €.
Pay in cash on the 1st day of the retreat the accommodation


  • Until JULY 1st: 200 € will be refunded.
  • After JULY 5th: no refund will be made.
  • If it is due to a major cause (serious illness, previously justified with a medical certificate), the full amount paid will be refunded regardless of the date, except the amount corresponding to the reservation of accommodation.
  • If the retreat is cancelled due to an alarm condition, the full amount paid will be refunded regardless of the date, except for the amount corresponding to the accommodation reservation.

To facilitate compliance with sanitary prevention measures, during withdrawal:

  • The capacity of the retreat will be 20 people + trainers and staff.
  • During the activities we will make sure to maintain the physical safety distance.
  • Hydro-alcoholic gel will be available for the participants.


If you have any questions you can contact us:
Estel-la (general organization): / 699 04 45 45 43
Laia (registration): 654 29 88 47