MuOM Live in Barcelona 27/12/2020

Oratori De Sant Felip Neri De Gràcia
A las 18h

Music and silence: The singing of harmonics as a cross-cultural bridge

MuOM, a world renowned Overtone Singing Choir, unique in its ability to create stunningly beautiful polyphony using Overtones

MuOM is dedicated to create and perform its own music, which reaches across all cultures and is deeply contemplative and healing .

MuOM’s music, unique and timeless, has it’s roots in the ancestral Overtone Singing & Throat Singing (khoomei) of Eastern Asia (Tuva and Mongolia) and in the contemporary coral techniques, yet is also completely contemporary and Avant- Garde. Rich in clearly audible overtones and without words, it exploits the full  potential  of the human voice in it’s pure state

What is a MuOM concert like?

In a MuOM concert, the connection that is established between musicians and audience is direct; without words and without applause piece by piece, the music travels into the interior of each individual.

Thus, the listener is completely immersed in an authentic sound bath, often described as a transformative, unforgettable, intimate and profound experience. The contemplative nature of his music invites you to pause, to gather, to travel inside and to rediscover the subtle perception.

Beyond the harmonics, a MuOM concert is a unique experience hard to describe.

On this occasion, the public will not be able to participate singing due to covid restrictions. 


Access Policy

  • The use of a mask will be mandatory
  • Access to the concert will take place 30 minutes before the same (5:30 p.m.)
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Access is allowed to minors from 7 years old