• Concert in the Oratorio de Sant. Felip Neri (Barcelona). December
  • Retreat “Voice, body and ecstasy” (Tarragona). December
  • Concert in St. Vicenç de Sarrià (Barcelona). October
  • Harmonic singing workshop ESMUC (Barcelona). October – SOLD OUT
  • Concert at the Musiquem Festival (Lleida). October – SOLD OUT
  • Concert in St. Pacià (Barcelona). September – SOLD OUT
  • Festival Músiques Religioses del Món (Valencia). September
  • Concert “streaming” Jornades Medievals (Alcalà de Xivert). September
  • III Harmonic Singing Summer Retreat (Tarragona). July
  • Pedra Viva Festival (Menorca). July
  • Concert in Mare de Déu de Núria (Barcelona). June – SOLD OUT
  • Participatory concert in Mare de Déu de Núria (Barcelona). February
  • Concert in Mare de Déu de Núria (BCN). January – SOLD OUT


Carme Miró (Revista Sonograma), 2020

“The voices of the group MuOM – Ecstatic Voices reconcile us with the origin of sound, contemplation and silence, and allow us to access a personal universe from the experience of musical and cultural events: the fundamental sound and its harmonics.”

Musiquem Delicatessen Festival (Lleida), 2020

“We are especially happy with MuOM’s visit to the Musiquem Lleida festival. It was one of the unique bets of the edition and tickets sold out a week before the performance. Their concert in La Seu Vella was the culmination of the second festival day. “

Joan Taltavull, Pedra Viva Festival (Menorca), 2020

“From the Pedra Viva Festival we believe that the shows are experiences in which many factors are involved. Beyond the artistic proposal, we believe that the space is an important ingredient. The passage of MuOM through Pedra Viva has been one of those experiences that they give meaning to the project: a whole produced thanks to the quality of the artists, the good musical taste, the inner experience, the use of the space… all at the service of beauty and in order to offer and to make it reach the spectators. This is how a work, an artist, a spectator, a space… we feel connected in a unique and unrepeatable moment. Thanks to MuOM for making this possible! “

Albert Galvany, Sons del Camí Festival (Manresa), 2019

“Programming MuOM was a success. We had a great audience and the concert was a success. An extraordinary musical experience for the spectators. Professional musicians and in a good mood.”



In a MuOM concert, the connection that is established between musicians and audience is direct; without words and without applause piece by piece, the music travels into the interior of each individual.

Thus, the listener is completely immersed in an authentic sound bath, often described as a transformative, unforgettable, intimate and profound experience. The contemplative nature of his music invites you to pause, to gather, to travel inside and to rediscover the subtle perception.

Beyond the harmonics, a MuOM concert is a unique experience hard to describe.

Participatory concert

MuOM also offers participatory concerts, where the audience sings guided by choir members.

Participatory concerts with MuOM aim to offer a space where we recognize ourselves united, a song that includes all voices, a metaphor for the art of living.

Anyone can participate without the need for vocal or musical knowledge.


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