Muom Overtone Singing Choir is the only vocal group that produces polyphonies with overtones. We compose, investigate and perform cross-cultural music of our own creation.

His music is inspired both by contemporary currents as well as ancient choral polyphonies and ancestral music from different cultures. That is why Muom’s music is unique and timeless, with ancestral roots and at the same time avant-garde.


Over the past 13 years Muom Overtone Singing Choir has performed over 100 concerts, in emblematic halls such as Palau de la Música Catalana, MACBA Auditorium, crypt of the Sagrada Familia, Basilica del Pi, Casa del Tibet (Barcelona), Salnitre caves of Montserrat, Loarre Castle (Huesca), Samos Monastery (Galicia), University of Deusto (Bilbao) or St Ethelburga’s center for peace (London).

MuOM has also taken part in many important music festivals such as the (a)Phònica (Banyoles), the Festival Gong (Collbató), the Womex (Santiago de Compostela), the Llangollen Fringe (UK), the Festival Mil·lenni (BCN), Pedra Viva (Menorca), A Capella (Girona), Terrer (Priorat), Músiques Religioses del Món (Valencia), Musiquem (Lleida), the Sacred Music Week (Segovia) or the Sons del Camí Festival (Manresa), NaK Festival (Navarra) and No Border Festival (Brest, France), among others.

In 2020 MuOM organized the first World Sound Healing Day in Barcelona.

MuOM has collaborated with musicians such as Carlos Núñez, Luis Paniagua, Ravi Ram, Mark Pulido and Nestor Kornblum and with the catalan artist Xavier Maristany. The composer Ramon Humet is currently writing a work for them.

MuOM has has released four albums (Andapindam 2009, Mu 2013, Ecstatic Voices 2017, TERRA 2021) and it has created music for the films “Un trabajo una película” (Xavier Martínez, 2019) and “Recordis” (Victor Brossa, 2019), for the short film “El código interior” (Pau Subirós, 2019). MuOM has collaborated in the music libraries “Dark Era 2018” and “Nada 2019” by Eduardo Tarilonte and on the album “Nanda” by Joan Condal (2018).

In the formative field, MuOM has taught overtone singing workshops at the “Punt de Partida” Pedagogy Conference (ESMUC), at the Oriol Martorell Institute and at the Escolania de Montserrat.

Every year MuOM organize its Overtone Singing Retreat, where people from all across the country join for a special long weekend of workshops.


“We had the honor of sharing the stage with our friend Luis Paniagua, with Néstor Kornblum, with Carlos Núñez  and his brother Xurxo, with Shirai, with Mark Pulido and his incredible flat bells. MuOM appears in a 360º virtual reality music video with the group U2, and in soundtracks such as the movie “Un Trabajo y Una Película“.


“In 2014, MuOM travels to the United Kingdom, where it performs with great success in the World Concert Series at St. Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace in the City of London, and at the  Llangollen Fringe Festival in Wales. In 2021 performed in two shows at the No Border Festival in Brest, France.”


“We have usually sung in churches, which we have carefully selected for their acoustics, so that the sound experience is more natural and enveloping, and where the harmonics of the voice are amplified and intermingled. Even so, we have also sung in theaters and auditoriums with a suitable sound system, as in the Palau de la Música in Barcelona. ”