MuOM’s fourth album and first in the ELEMENTALIA series will be called EARTH.  

As in the previous albums, there will be a presence of the different registers and techniques of the voice (through the singing of Western and Central Asian harmonics with styles such as khoomei, kargyraa, sygyt among others) and it will be fundamentally a cappella, but it presents a new stylistic line:

  • In addition to the harmonics, the Earth album will also have a prominent presence of subharmonics (using different types of kargyraa, the guttural singing technique) which are the harmonics that sound below the fundamental note and that refer to the tectonic depths, allowing us to reach to tessitures impossible to reach with the intoned voice.
  • The influences of everything will be noticed in this new work, since we will hear touches of the traditional music of central Asia (Tuva, Mongolia) as in previous albums, but also of Tibet, Australia, India, tribal music of the Wagogo (Tanzania ) and of the Inuit (Canada, Alaska and Greenland) and Chukotka (Siberia), as well as Western sacred music and Renaissance polyphony.
  • At the timbral level, in addition to the violin, which was already present, the didgeridoo, African percussion (Calabash and djembé) and mouth harp will be added.

Therefore, the new album EARTH will have an ancestral sound, closer to the world music label than to contemplative sacred music (although it will retain the essence of the latter).

In this medley we find the following fragments from MuOM’s 4th album:

0:14: Aether (Ether in Latin)
1:05: Cosmos
2:29: Ardhi (Earth in Suajili)
3:44: Aether

Farran Sylvan James, voice
David Sitges Sardà, voice and percussion 
Joaquín Manjón, voice
Roger Sans, voice 
German de la Riva, voice
Moisés Pérez, voice 

Watch ” Sa Mantra”, our new videoclip recorded in famous catalan caves.


Sunday, 30/05/2021, 6 p.m.
Oratori De Sant Felip Neri De Gràcia (Barcelona)
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