TERRA is Muom’s fourth album and first in the ELEMENTALIA series  

Elementalia will consist of four albums, each dedicated to one of the four elements (Earth, Fire, Water and Air)

The music of the ELEMENTALIA series seeks to immerse the listener in the magic world of vocal overtone singing.

Terra is a musical journey evoking two entertaining elements: Ether and Earth. The first, Ether, symbol of the ineffable, subtle and transcendent, is represented by the sonorous plane of vocal harmonics. The second, Earth, symbol of the incarnated, vital and fecund, is represented by the sonorous world of guttural throat singing and rhythmic percussion.

An experience through the power of the human voice and a capella wordless soundscapes.

Want to know more?

As an inspirational guideline to the TERRA experience, the symbolic journey of the album could be as follows:

“We find ourselves at the origin, in the experience of the essential, unmanifest realm. A single sound that generates everything that will happen. (Eter)

We embark on a gentle journey to another place, a gestation that gradually densities us and incarnates us into matter. A delicate and enveloping atmosphere of vocal polyphonies that unfold and intensify. (Astral)

The vitality of our body explodes and we dance to the rhythm of the joy of living. The percussive rhythm appears, full of enthusiasm, sustained by the guttural voices and chants. (Ardhi, earth in Swahili)

We return to the peace of the subtle, to the emptiness that fills everything. The voices are unified in the sonorous space of timelessness and subtle colors. (Akasha, ether in Sanskrit)

The Earth speaks, solemn and deep, and its chant moves us and opens our heart, which expands beyond us. The guttural chanting dialogues and merges with with a melody of harmonics which repeats and grows. (“Sa” Mantra, earth in Tibetan)

The night arrives, and in its darkness, the mystery, the mourning and the cry are expressed. A living and stark song sustained by guttural voices. (Ancestral)

The flutelike sound of harmonics resound in space , reaching the horizons of a virgin and wild landscape . A guttural song, typical of the central regions of Asia, accompanied by the power of galloping horses. (Khörzün, earth in Tuvan)

The dance of harmonics returns us little by little to a weightless, ambiguous and ethereal space. We find ourselves at the origin. The timbre of the violin is a bridge between the guttural voices and the overtone singing, until we once again reach the unique sound of the beginning. (“Gea”-Aether, Goddess of the Earth in Greek Mythology)

Musical curiosities

As in previous albums, there is a strong presence of various different Overtone singing techniques (Guttural traditional singing from Central Asia such as khoomei, kargyraa, and sygyt and Western Overtone singing), which is used fundamentally in an a capella setting. However, this new CD expands into other realms, diving into the rhythmic possibilities of Djembe, Calabash and Didgeridoo. There is also a very predominant use of subharmonic (harmonics that sound below the fundamental note), using differ types of Guttural singing. This inspires the image of tectonic depths of the Earth. Traditional music from different cultures from around the globe has inspired us in the creation of this new recording. Musical motives inspired by traditional songs from Central Asia (Tuva and Mongolia ), Tibet, Australia, Africa (from the Wagogo people of Tanzania) and from the Inuit from Northern Canada. Instruments are used to delve deeper into this cultures, like the didgeridoo from Australia, the Calabash and the Djembe (Africa), as well as the violin (classical Europe).

For all these reasons, the new album TERRA is an exciting mix of ancestral sounds that bring us closer to the World Music genre, while maintaining the deep contemplative essence of our previous creations.