MuOM-Ecstatic Voices (Sonograma Magazine 31/10/2020)

Farran Sylvan James, soprano and violin
David Sitges Sardà, tenor and percussion (pumpkin)
Joaquín Manjón, baritone
Roger Sans, bass
German de la Riva, bass and guttural voices
Moisés Pérez, bass and guttural voices

Special guest: Sandra Sangiao
Parish of Sarrià, October 25

MuOM – Ecstatic Voices, the choir of harmonic singing in Barcelona, ​​began its musical career in 2008. Since then, its activity has been carried out in the field of research, organizing training workshops and offering concerts. Their songs, also called diphonic songs, are based on harmonic sounds that seek intimacy, recollection and communication. There is no music without communication, and this is the art of driving things from one place to another: essential sounds with octaves, fifths and fourths that originate in a precious fundamental sound.

Muom en directo

MuOM tells us the origin of life, of music, of the awakening of human consciousness: it places it at the moment when, hearing the sound of a tense bow (perhaps when our ancestors went hunting), they be able to imitate and emit sounds with their corresponding harmonics. It is a story of life; a story of the love of silence; a story of how human beings inhabit nature.

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