Joaquin and Moisés offer individual classes in harmonic singing and singing techniques from Central Asia (Tuva, Mongolia) called “khoomei” which includes kargyraa, khoomei, sygyt and more styles.

Presential: These are facilitated by Joaquín, both initiation and advanced harmonic singing, 1 and 2 cavity techniques. Place: Aula Barcelona Centro (Calle Casp, 34. 08010 Barcelona)

Online: Moisés offers this modality both with 1 and 2 cavities, as well as the styles from Central Asia (Kargyraa, Khoomei, Sygyt, Ezengileer, Bonbarnadyr, Chilandyk, etc). It is necessary to have a good connection and a suitable microphone and headphones.

The duration of the individual class is 50 min. Hours to be agreed.

Price: there are different types depending on the periodicity (the corresponding amount must be paid at the beginning of the month by bank transfer):

  • The price of a single lesson is € 40 per western harmonic song and € 50 per khoomei.
  • A biweekly class is priced at
    • € 70 / month (western harmonic singing)
    • € 90 / month (khoomei)
  • A weekly harmonic singing class is priced at € 120 / month (not available for Khoomei)

If you want to receive individual classes, write to and we will advise you on the schedules and teachers available.