Upcoming concerts

MuOM is a vocal group that uses the overtone singing techniques, where each of the singers produces two sounds at the same time. MuOM creates their own music, without words and with two overlapping layers of sound (the voice and its overtones) that merge into static harmonies, creating soft, minimalist melodies.

A MuOM concert is an experience of connection with the vibration of sound and silence, for all audiences. Our intention is to dissolve the individual voice in the collective and pure sound, inviting the listener to feel the common frequencies of well-being.

MuOM also offers participatory concerts, where the audience sings guided by the choir members. Participatory concerts with MuOM aim to provide a space where we recognize ourselves united by a song that includes all voices, a metaphor of the art of living. Anyone can participate (vocal or musical experience is not needed).

“MuOM is timeless music, music without rhythm that amalgams traditions, aesthetics and different times.”


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