Cocoa is not only the essential ingredient in chocolate. It is also a “medicine for the spirit” that has been used ceremonially in Central and South America for thousands of years. Ingested in its purest state, that is raw, Cacao preserves all its nutrients and active principles, transforming itself into a superfood and acting as a powerful, yet gentle, stimulant.

Music is not only entertainment, nor a means to shake the emotional body, but also a vehicle for trance. In our ceremony it has a central role: it is performed live, which allows us to adapt it to each group and at each moment. However, we always play with the same structure: it starts with the low frequencies of the drum to reach the high frequencies of the harmonic singing, tracing a sound journey that is a metaphor for the path that goes from the dense to the subtle. We also sing all together, sometimes following dynamics that are set for a specific purpose (such as vowel singing -tonning- to make the different energy centers -chakras- resonate), and sometimes in a free, spontaneous and cathartic way. Some simple asanas and stretches are also interspersed to facilitate the circulation of energy and give a gift to the physical body.

Finally, Silence is the third ingredient in our ceremonies. Silence to listen to us, to give space for these insights to take place, to give us time to feel everything that is moving. Silence to perceive the music in all its depth. Silence to be able to connect with the present, taking advantage of the focus that the energy of Cocoa gives us.

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